YouTube Video Ads

Did you know that you can have a pretty powerful marketing campaign on YouTube for $5 per day?


My company integrates local small businesses with YouTube and Google ads which ignites a laser targeting effect that locates high quality prospects who are interested in learning more about your products, your services and your company!


I use a smart advertising approach that focuses on brand awareness! My creative team of video creators and Google AdWords experts know YouTube marketing and how to get the attention of new clients!


In short, I will build a branded YouTube channel, create a video to promote your services and then cleverly advertise eye popping ads within YouTube! Your ads are capable of appearing on competitors videos and other popular community videos that target your demographic and geographic characteristics. Contact me today and let me show you some examples of small businesses that I have helped and exactly how I will help you grow your business.


If you are you looking for affordable and effective ways to grow your business? A well crafted video about your company is one of the best ways to find new clients in your local or national market! A great promotional video will engage your audience, boost your sales and conversions.


How effective would it be to have your company featured on videos that are relevant to your business and viewed by people in your market area?